Your Impact

When you choose to purchase your custom apparel from The Print Shop, you are making an impact. Each purchase help to provide safe jobs, both within The Print Shop, as well as for our partners overseas.

Our ability to place regular orders with our partner GOEX Apparel allows them to employ 80 artisans in Haiti. With meaningful employment, their talented artians are able to provide for up to 8 family members with their wage, as well as provide healthcare and schooling for their children.

To see the impact within our Print Shop, check out the chart below!

The Greater Impact

Each purchase we make, no matter where it is, has an impact. Each garment travels on a journey from cotton to finished product, and we believe in making the most positive impact at every stage possible. Check out the chart below to follow the journey of two garments, one made to industry standards, and the other made by our partner GOEX Apparel.