The Intersection Print Shop

Welcome to The Intersection Print Shop! We aren't just your ordinary printing shop-- we have a unique mission that drives everything we do. Our deepest desire is to help provide safe jobs both locally and globally for women that have been impacted by exploitation and human trafficking. From where we source our apparel, to our Vocation Training Centre where we print, to the staff that we hire, everything we do is focused around providing safe jobs to victims of exploitation.

"Quality apparel, ethically made"

Our tagline and motto here at The Intersection Print Shop is "quality apparel, ethically made." This is what we are all about --providing long lasting, quality made apparel to our customers without sacrificing those that produced it. At every point from raw cotton to printed apparel, we ensure that those that have touched the product have been paid properly and kept safe. We believe that business can be done properly, fairly and at a reasonable price. earn more about our apparel below!